Feb 2019: Take off! our first layover.

Oops! we did it again. Departed Newark airport to an unknown land…   And looks like once again we thankfully landed in a good place.

at EWR:

Hard goodbyes lead to… nice hellos?

It is 2019 and baby Levi is 22 months, he finally got comfortable living in East Brunswick NJ (at Grandma+Grandpa’s house) – Levi finally had his own room, a full basement of toys, and endless space to run around!! So it was hard to take him out of his first “comfort zone”, but don’t worry Jersey: we will be back!

We were unsure how to go about the trip this time. Though it is not our first time, it is so different than when he was an infant! Levi is older -very social, and much more aware. I.E. when he sees a fruit stand selling Fresh Squeezed juice, he gives us no option but to get him an overpriced fresh smoothie while we search for the lounge !
I no longer breastfeed him and last year that is how we handled the takeoffs and landings, but he still uses his pacifier for sleep/stroller/airplane and we like it that way…  also it lends him some comfort while being in new land.

Take off… we out!   (I’ll skip the part where Josh left his phone charging as the plane was closing… he stole my move!)  and 8.5 hours later we land in Frankfurt, Germany. Not the most comforting place for the grandchildren of holocaust survivors – even still, I’m not sure if every kid our age feels this way but Joshua and I agreed we did not find pleasure in this stopover, yet we got a hotel room in the Airport (fine, we’ll admit, a very cool soho feeling airport) and got to sleep! And our angel even got to take a bath as we watched the sunset.



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