Mamilla moment. Momilla Moment .

the Mamilla roof for sunset
hes just fUN TO BE WITH!!!!

I do LOVE to be in NJ. its to nice here, my childhood atmosphere. I remember being here when I was young and prayed for a husband like Joshua and i never dreamt of a baby like my baby . It’s hard to describe a feeling that mixes nostalgia, thankfulness, and a sense of surprise all at once.  My Yoga practice helps me ground myself into THIS. THIS, being, the life that I am manifesting for myself.

What I love to takeaway from yoga is that our minds have the power to manifest into our lives the things we want to create. I wanted to change the way I felt on a daily basis, but before my life physically changed, I worked very hard at adjusting my mental to seeing that if I think well, there is a higher chance I will act and be well.

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.”

So: here goes the constant job on working on the mind and ensuring I feed it good thoughts. Just as I try to feed my body good food.
(except for last night when I got snack hungry at 11pm and ate all the soup croutons and chocolate chips)

But it is a new day and I will start it off by signing Modeh Ani with Levi, and do a 5 minutes flow to awaken the body.

Heres a good Israeli song:when I was pregnant, osh and i listened to it so much but now i dont so much bc once i open my computer he goes crazy so i try not to in the am..

BUT it is the best

And back to DC…

“so open up your morning light, say a little prayer for right.-Dawsons creek theme song

Reminds me of my sis. Used to sneak down on the couch with ice cream with her.

Things i want my kids (bH) to know and hear:
Britney spears BUT RLY CHRISTINA AGUILERA too, and mandy moore
nelly furtado

You’re beautiful, thats for sure: