Travel to TLV, stopover in IST

The departure from Dubrovnik went smooth, thankfully, this we of course credit to Levi. What a trooper, such a little boy walking through the new streets and airport ramps like he knows it.
I can see what he sees when we are in a new place. Even if it’s a new block of the same old place. I get the same way: a certain exhilaration of wonder that comes with this wander.

And so I make my mamaMantra: 

Well the day was here. Sabine’s apartment (our fave Airbnb host) is all packed up and the Uber makes its way to get us. The wind is strong, as we have experienced cool nights (no pun intended) of lots of wind leading to beautiful sunny days with the shine of the pearl of the Adriatic.
…. until next time, with love.

We get to the airport and as my #1 tip of traveling with a toddler would be is that we arrive early enough to:
1. not be rushed. it helps to feel calm.
2. Allow flexible time in the case that suitcases need rearranging for weight or something comes up (in our case we had to pay 200 EU for overweight extra, does not usually happen to us so just went with it to avoid troubles with Turkish Air who were great other than this)
3. Coffee? snacks? souvenirs?
3. Levi needs his running around time!! Give the baby time to be out and about and play and discover before sitting in a seat for X amount of time.

bye bye apartment…. on lichtenstein put.
I will miss you! this dreamy apartment! it felt like home for so long. I can’t believe it is over.
The airport has Legos!! a nice DutyFree in DBV.
a whole lot of this!!! Allowing Levi to run, discover, and get energy out so he can rest nicely on the airplane!
 …. way up high………..
And so we arrive and make it to the Lounge in Istanbul.

(thanks to our Sapphire!)
Josh kindly walked and seeked out the airport while putting Levi to nap, such a relief when he is sleeping more than 50 minutes. Once you reach that hour you know that when he wakes all will be OK b/c he made it to REM area.

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