Family Abroad round 2: Croatia!

The beginning of March is cool because we have become more adjusted to the Croatian lifestyle. the best part? We like it!
i Liked this. i recall being in a yoga class when I first started to practice – about 5 years ago – and I found that when I listened closely to the teacher guiding the breath, it connected me to this inner voice within. A positive voice. At the same time of introducing meditation to my life, I began reading the prayer book (Siddur) that I haven’t been with for a while.
During this I noticed that when I bring the breath from my yoga mat to my prayer, or synagogue even, the songs and words of praise bring out the same inner voice of good feelings. Of performing the right actions in my life to become the manifested version of me. The mom i want to be, the wife, the friend daughter sister etc etc etc…
ANYWAYS, here we are in Croatia and I refound a yoga quote I had saved to my computer, & it took me to that same feeling of seeker the inner voice. Through the prayer book, or the breathe – maybe a mix of both.

There is something to being in a beautiful view, something that I hope stays within – because I LUV IT!

Our usual day goes something like this now that we are adjusted to the time:
630am: wake up! (in NJ it was 730am, but I kinda like this because we can do a lot in the morning, when the sun is out!)
830am: Finish up breakfast/cleaning up – sometimes some “baby TV” an english channel w americana songs – and get dressed to make our way out! Everyday we walk in a different direction. Or in the same direction and then make a diff turn down the road. Or towards a cafe or park that has been on the list to do. Either way we make it somewhere for Levi to play and interact with other kids. Mama finds a way to a coffee, sometimes, but is also very happy w the coffee machine in the airbnb.
1030-11am: Start heading back. Stop for a croissant on the way.
1130: Make it home, whip up some lunch:
-Hard boiled eggs and chummus (on good days)
-Cut up tomatoes/cucumbers
-Toast with butter, and fig jam we bought from the locals with some anchovies
-a sweet, such as a fruit (pear, apple, orange, kiwi), or a Croatian Nutrigrain
1230-3pm: Nap zone. Settle Levi with books, songs, resting for nap.. get things done, laundry, cleaning, Yoga readings, and occasionally going for outdoor run and meditation near the ocean>>>> videos to come on that.
3-6pm: Head to the supermarket!! Depending on the time and how nap went, and how weather is, we find a park near a beach to watch the sunset, usually many kids and parents are out!
6-7pm: Make it home, take of bath, and prep dinner of pasta, switching off with sauces, freshly baked fish, and a salad! We also started boiling vegetables, smearing it in butter, along with a fresh baguette. After dinner snacks are usually some fruit, and a yogurt drink that Levi has before brushing his teeth.
730pm: Bedtime routine/gnite Levi!

So, looks like our Croatian schedule isn’t very far off from the NJ way. The This is why when we go on a trip it is key to extend for as long as possible. To ensure that we can make it to the point of being on schedule without rushing the process, in order to have a crank-free baby! (and mom+dad).

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